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Between the age 16 – 18 years old, everyone is facing with the most difficult decision in their life. It is in this crucial period of your life, the period after leaving school or before starting university or further studies, you are, with limited knowledge and experience, taking a decision that will change your life for ever. Maybe you came across some people who hate their job and decided to pursue a new career path. Or maybe you came across, as I did, to many individuals who disliked their degree subjects and wants to drop out of university with hefty loans on their shoulders they need to pay back for years coming. At the end of the day, it is not about money. It is about if you are happy and confident with your job. Because anyone could chase the path of big salary reward but you might end up quitting within the first few weeks of your job if you don’t like it. In this article I will mention four key factors that will help you choose your career path.

career path

1- Your strength

Strengths are things you are naturally good at. Find what you good at. If you are excellent academically then it is better look at the educational route. And if you are not, it doesn’t mean the end of the road. You can go through the vocational courses. However avoid working after you finish your school because you need to put an effort at developing your skills while you are young. School leavers who started working and didn’t pursue further studies usually end up working in the same job position throughout their entire lives.

Even in academic route, you need to find the subjects that you are best at. If you are good at physics and maths then consider engineering. If you are good at biology then consider medicine. You will always know your career goal by the time you discover your favourite subjects.


2- Your desires

Desires can start at a very young age. With a lot of interaction with other people and the media, a person can start having an interest to something at a young age. Desire is what shapes you goals. It will become an ambition. I remember a TV programme that was on in 1999 about the internet which we didn’t have but I became fascinated about it because of that programme. That’s what made me become an Electronics and software engineer now.


3- Your personality

People have different personalities. Some are relaxed and cool and others are hasty and intense. Matching up our personality with a suitable role is vital to a successful career change. If you are a person who takes risks, or maybe a person who is confident or persuasive then maybe business is the best thing for you. Businessmen are successful, but with great success comes great risk. And that depends on your personality. Employers are actively seeking personalities that fit their company environement in addition to skills and qualifications.

There are many online career personality tests. make sure to try them.


4- Your environment

Parents, siblings and even the community you are within can have a huge effect of what you want and what you are satisfied with. Looking at the situations and career goals of your peers from your classmates and friends could take your ambitions high or low. Of course you cannot do much about your environment. However if your environment is full of low inspired individuals, you can boost yourself with high self-esteem and view those individuals as examples if you choose the wrong path. Also you need to know that in this era of social media, though you physically fixed in one place, your thought and mind can fly with high inspired individuals. One of the best example is our organisation ‘Young Somali Professionals’ which is aiming to inspire everyone, network likeminded individuals and support whoever needs a professional advice. Make sure you check out the latest news and articles from You can also join us on Facebook and Twitter.


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