A University Degree or an Apprenticeship what are your plans?

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APPDeciding what to do after your GCSE's or A-levels is a big thing. 

So wh at is an Apprenticeship? Simply put, it’s a work/training combination.

If you are accepted onto a apprenticeship scheme, first of all pat yourself on the back, you start working for an employer, they give you time off for studying – and you get paid for both. We call this a WIN WIN situation.

Lots of people assume apprenticeships are what you do when you don’t get the grades to get into University. Some even say Apprenticeships are only for those that aren’t clever enough (which is not true). Depending on which level you achieve, an apprenticeship can be equivalent to anything from a High school qualification to a full degree. Not only that, an apprenticeship can be a way into top companies like Jaguar Landrover, BMW, IBM, NHS and the BBC all have dedicated apprenticeship schemes, as do loads of other TOP companies.

By the time University students graduate you could have gained years of work experience and be well into your career. And, by the time you are competing with graduates for jobs, you will have enough experience under your belt to land the job of your dreams. Most of my peers at work have 4-6 more years of experience than myself. In fact I had to be trained by people who completed an Apprenticeship. I was lacking the experience in the engineering field and struggled throughout my first year in the industry.

I soon caught up with my peers. I used the skills I was taught in University such as; how to manage your time, deal with people, juggle multiple projects, work in a team, be cost aware and budget savvy, liaise with tutors and report writing skills.

Bear in mind that some professions, such as those in the business, Finance, healthcare and science sectors, may require a degree; so if you have ambitions to become a doctor, accountant or psychologist the decision is made for you.

As with anything, there are pros and cons to both routes. Whichever you pick, just make sure it suits you, your circumstances and your aspirations. Think it over. Take a look around yspub website and contact us to get a flavour of what uni’s/apprenticeships really like (and how to make the most of it!)

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