Somali career fair in Leicester review

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Somali career fair

I was privileged to be invited to the SOMALI CAREER FAIR event on the 8th of April 2017 as a professional to support and inspire the next generation of young Somalis. Thanks to Samira and the rest of her team who organised it. It was lively, wonderful and full of people. The atmosphere was great and you could see the excitement on the faces of those young people who attended with their parents to meet their role models.


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The event was divided into three parts. The first part is young Somalis meeting the professionals. The second part is a short talk delivered by a panel of four professionals. And lastly, a networking session where the professionals gathered and talked over lunch.

From management point of view, the organisation of the event was very well done. The layout made it easy for the attendees to know where to go and who to find. You could notice that the event was well planned ahead. The organisers invited all Somali professionals in UK via the social media and requested all to take a role in the event. They were asked to help and support the young Somalis by answering their questions related to their field. Representatives from De Monford university were also there. This showed me the determination of Samira and her team to help the Somali community especially the young generation. Even when they knew that they did not have enough Somali professionals in Leicester, they didn’t stop there. They still managed to have quite enough number of professionals.

The Somali professionals, on the other hand, did not disappoint Samira as they all came from many different cities sacrificing their time and effort to their people. I met professionals who came from Manchester, London and Birmingham including the professionals from the city of Leicester. I was myself motivated by many and even more by a person called Hassan. His story was incredible and I never seen a helpful person like him. As a fellow colleague who work closely on the same field as I do, he gave me a great advice.

Once the first part had finished, people were requested to take a seat on the other side of the hall and join the second part of the activities. It was time for short speeches from expertise targeting young people, professionals and parents. The panel consisted of coach Mohamed Dualeh, Dr Nuur Hassan and two more people. Their speeches were great and amusing at the same time. It was a very clever planning from the organisers to place the networking session after the speech, as it gave me a chance to sit with the panel speakers while enjoying the delightful Buffet. And honestly, I learnt a lot from them. My friend said: “it is a crime not to be outside”, as the day was sunny and we were inside almost the whole day. However, I disagreed.

In conclusion, from what I saw, the team in Leicester had achieved their target that was written on their leaflet for the event and I wish that they can replicate their event in different cities especially in Birmingham, the heart of YSP.

Birmingham, West Midlands, United Kingdom
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